Prime Minister Alexander De Croo

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo © BELGA

The federal government gained the confidence of the House on Thursday evening with 81 votes in favor of the majority and 59 votes against by the opposition. That happened after a marathon debate that started at 10 a.m. on Wednesday and thus lasted about 34 hours.

jvhSource: BELGIAN

Yesterday at 20:30

The House has been discussing the Prime Minister’s policy statement in recent days. This set out the broad outline of the policy for the coming political year, for which the government reached agreement during the previous budget conclave.

During the concluding thematic debate, Sander Loones (N-VA) and Wouter Vermeersch (Vlaams Belang) emphasized that they find the budget exercise implausible. “Inflated amounts”, “soap bubbles” and “tax government” were just some of the terms that came up during their respective interventions.

According to State Secretary for Budget Eva De Bleeker (Open Vld), however, the budget exercise is on the road to budgetary recovery. For her, that recovery is the way to keep the national debt under control. “If we don’t keep it under control, the national debt will get us down.” The state secretary also noted that the national debt was approaching 120 percent of GDP before the start of the government. “That scenario has been averted.”

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