Vivaldi: The twilight of symbols

The Prime Minister was therefore able to present his government policy statement. This is the real departure of the Vivaldi. What is striking is that the 7 parties have brought down several taboos, but symbolically. This is the price of compromise.

Three thirds

Let us first point out what is not symbolic. The fact of returning to the famous three-thirds recipe that we have known under many governments, that is to say the intention to distribute the budgetary effort more or less equitably between new revenue, new expenditure, and the rest. Casually it is a turn with the Swedish, if we look at the budget tables of the first budget of the government Michel the intention was very different. Two-thirds of the savings were planned in spending. It was a break, the Vivaldi breaks with this break.

There are many non-symbolic elements, the social gas and electricity tariff or the tobacco tax, from which more is expected than the tax on securities accounts.

Symbols, symbols …

Despite these elements, our eye is naturally drawn to so-called “symbolic” measures because they are new and logically arouse debate. For example, the famous tax on airline tickets for short-distance journeys. It’s a break, desired by environmentalists, but the contribution is very low, a few euros “nothing to dissuade people from taking the plane ” specified very satisfied the president of the MR. If the amount is very low, he is right, that will not change anything, it will be “symbolic”. In the sense that symbolic means “weak”, “which does not count”. But of course at the same time, a “symbol” in the sense of idol, taboo has fallen.

Everything happens as if dropping a symbol could only be done at a symbolic price. The symbol is worth nothing, nothing is worth the symbol. It’s fascinating how the wordmark means both what doesn’t matter and what matters so much that it is priceless.

It is now accepted that air travel can be taxed differently depending on the environmental impact of the flight. And of course it is very likely that this is just the beginning. The history of taxation is just that. The first tobacco taxes were symbolic, as were the first automobile taxes.

Long-term patients

Symbols there are others in this chord. In particular the sanctions against long-term patients. There too it is a break with the history of health insurance in this country. But directly the Socialists underlined that the sanctions envisaged in the event of refusal of return to work were very weak 2.5%. A symbolic sanction is the price of the fall of a symbol. Again, the penalties are very likely to increase in the future.

We also find symbolism for night work in e-commerce. A decision which will be discussed by the social partners. There is also symbolism also for the taxation of professional footballers. 30 million while they still enjoy the privilege of the round ball.

Some cry at the first steps, others at the step in the door. But with symbols, we rarely retrace our steps. The twilight of symbols is not done with hammer blows, but with a wolf’s step.

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