Vladimir Putin said that he was revaccinated against coronavirus

Vladimir Putin was revaccinated against coronavirus with Sputnik Light. He announced this during a meeting with Denis Logunov, deputy director of the Gamaleya Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology. During the conversation, the president also volunteered to participate in an experiment on the use of a nasal vaccine, which will be introduced into practice soon.

“Today, on your recommendation, on the recommendation of your colleagues, I made myself another vaccine with Sputnik Light, this is already called revaccination,” Putin said. According to him, it happened two hours before the meeting. “But I don’t feel anything, it’s normal, everything is fine,” he said.

To date, more than 50 million people have been vaccinated with Sputnik V in Russia, and under 120 million in the world, Putin said. He stressed that “this is a great material for analysis” of the effectiveness of this vaccination.

The President also asked Logunov to talk about the need for vaccination and revaccination. In response, the scientist said that the effectiveness of revaccination against coronavirus is almost twice as high as the primary vaccination. “Both our data and foreign data, international practice shows that the introduction of the third dose, the introduction of revaccination into medical practice leads to the fact that this decrease (the effectiveness of vaccination. – Approx.” RG “) returns to the initial level and moreover, even somewhere in 1.6, twice as high as even after the first vaccination, “he explained.

Logunov emphasized that the principle of revaccination has already been used several times before in the fight against other infections, and in the case of coronavirus, the “correct option” is to receive a booster vaccine in six months. But booster vaccinations for covid are also possible once a year if the pandemic is not on the rise, he said.

The scientist also said that in most cases, only Sputnik Light is enough for a booster shot. “There are cases when there is immunosuppression, there are various diseases associated with a decrease in immunity, and then it will be necessary to introduce the full Sputnik V during revaccination. But if there are no contraindications for this, it is enough to revaccinate only with Sputnik Light,” he explained.

The nasal form of “Sputnik V” will be introduced in the near future. “It is known that the intramuscular method of vaccination protects, but does not protect against” breakthrough “infection, it does not sometimes protect from the symptomatic course, therefore it is necessary to vaccinate through the mucous membrane, to create barrier immunity,” said Logunov. According to him, now it remains to conduct clinical trials of the drug. In response, Putin said he would like to test a nasal vaccine. “Can I take part in this experiment?” – he asked Logunov. It turned out that nothing prevents this – you just need to sign the consent. “We agreed, I will definitely sign it. You can do it right now,” Putin said. Logunov explained that the use of such a vaccine is convenient because it is painless, “with an absolute minimum of side effects.”

Two-Phase Clinical Trials of Children’s Coronavirus Vaccine Completed

In addition, the deputy head of the Gamaleya Center said that two phases of clinical trials of a coronavirus vaccine for children have been completed. According to him, the drug is very well tolerated. Putin asked whether it was a modified “Sputnik V” or “the same thing, only the volume per body weight decreases.” “That is, in principle, the use of 170 million people suggests that when calculating the body weight of this substance can be used in children?” – he remarked. “Certainly,” said Logunov.

The Gamaleya Center also produced a trial batch of a vaccine against the delta strain of coronavirus and, if necessary, in case of a decrease in the effectiveness of the vaccine, these developments will be applied. “We keep our finger on the pulse, do not rest on some numbers and local successes, because the virus is really changing and does not allow us to rest on our laurels at all,” said Logunov.

Putin was also told about the development of new drugs for COVID. Thus, a Russian drug for coronavirus infection based on monoclonal antibodies can be registered within 3-5 months, Logunov said. In addition, the Center. Gamalei has started developing a drug based on selected chemical compounds, which may appear in circulation at the end of next year.

During the conversation, Putin asked how it is now possible to combine vaccinations against coronavirus and influenza. According to him, a year ago, when he received the first vaccine against COVID, doctors told him that it was impossible to get a flu shot immediately after that.

Logunov advised to wait two weeks today. On the one hand, he said, experiments have shown that the effectiveness of the influenza vaccine is enhanced when co-vaccinated against covid. But there is another side related to safety, and all combinations need to be checked in research, Logunov noted. “At the moment, it is enough to wait two weeks, in my opinion, because this is exactly the period that is associated with primary inflammatory reactions, which completely disappear in two weeks,” he said.

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