Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke in St. Petersburg

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke in St. Petersburg


Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, October 14, arrived in St. Petersburg to welcome the participants during the opening of the Eurasian Women’s Forum, which will be held in the Tauride Palace. The live broadcast of the performance can be seen on the website

The event is held in person, but in compliance with security measures for coronavirus, including mask mode and checkerboard seating.

By the way, Putin has already spoken at the Eurasian Women’s Forum in 2018. The President then called for the elimination of gender inequality, spoke about the growing role of women in the world, about the attitude towards women in Russia and about the Russian demographic project, which supports families with children, families in need with low incomes, and parents raising children with disabilities.

Let us remind you that the Eurasian Women’s Forum is taking place in St. Petersburg. It will run until October 15, 2021. The business program will include dozens of events that are planned to be held in the Tavrichesky Palace and the “Universe of Water” museum and exhibition complex.

The Forum, held since 2015, brings together women from all over the world in order to collect and analyze all the most advanced ideas, initiatives and projects that can change the world for the better.

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Vladimir Putin’s speech at the Eurasian Women’s Forum 2021: live broadcast

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