Vladimir Putin's speech at the Russian Economic Week on October 13, 2021: live online broadcast

The head of state speaks at the plenary session of the Russian Economic Week forum


Wednesday 13 October 2021 Russian President Vladimir Putin takes part in the Russian Economic Week (REW). The head of state will speak at the plenary session of the forum.

Russian leader stressedthat the efficiency of production and consumption of energy resources is the most important factor in the growth of national economies and to a large extent determines the quality of life of people. He also noted that special attention in the business program of the forum is paid to the prospects for the development of clean energy technologies based on the use of renewable energy sources. According to him, many countries of the world have already chosen the appropriate course.

The International Forum “Russian Energy Week” is a discussion platform in Russia, where challenges and prospects for the development of the global heat and power complex are discussed. This year it takes place at the Moscow Manege from 13 to 15 October.

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Vladimir Putin’s speech at REW 2021: live broadcast

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