Volleyball: Benfica beats Sporting in the second phase of the national | Volleyball

Benfica beat Sporting this Saturday, by 3-2, in a match for the 12th round of the second phase of the national volleyball championship.

After the defeat with Fonte do Bastardo, Sporting intended to clean up the image against a somewhat unstable Benfica this season.

Benfica started strong, leading comfortably on two occasions (5-2 and 17-13), but in both the team “disappeared” against Sporting who won the partial by 30-28.

Marcel Matz’s charges accused the touch and just didn’t limp again by a little. After leading the scoreboard up to 15-12, Benfica complicated the task and only with captain Hugo Gaspar on the field, they won, by 25-23.

More concentrated and organized, Sporting started the third game better and took a four-point lead (18-14) thanks to the service and movement close to the net, which confused Benfica’s block, the triumph falling naturally for the formation of Alvalade, by 25-19.

In the fourth half, Benfica made the difference, but allowed Sporting to recover from a four-point deficit (19-15), reaching 21-21… with Hugo Gaspar deciding (25-23).

In the “Black”, Sporting stood out, but Benfica managed the 8-8. From then on, Sporting held on to concede in the end, by 15-12.

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