French presidential elections: voters have never been so undecided

With 15 candidates for a single seat at the Elysée, voters have never been so undecided. They manage to position themselves in the political chess, but choosing the candidate is more difficult.

To try to understand what is going on, we listened to the undecided French: 47% declared that they had not yet made a definitive choice. In Bordeaux, at the Faculty of Law, we found left-wing students, but the choice is still “not right”.

Juliette Oblin, a master’s law student, says she doesn’t have a candidate she can “100% support.” “Today we feel that moderate candidates are in the minority,” says Luca Villemonteix, also a law student.

Young undecided voters like right-wing voters, one in two is not guaranteed to vote for the Republican candidate, Valerie Pécresse, in the first round, according to an Ipsos poll.

In another neighbourhood, where François Fillon and Emmanuel Macron accounted for 60% of the vote in 2017, a retired couple guarantees they will not vote for the French head of state. Is it easier to choose fruit in the market than a candidate? “Yes! Here we work little by little and don’t think so much about ideals”, he replies. Ideas that are more difficult to differentiate among right-wing candidates: “We are waiting for more details on the country’s economic problems, whether from Pécresse, Zemmour or Le Pen.”

On the left, 67% of potential voters for ecologist Yannick Jadot are unsure of the choice and more than seven in ten have doubts about socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo.

“There are many that we didn’t hear much about and didn’t even know that they were already candidates. I thought that Arnaud Montebourg had left the scene, but no”, confesses Máxime Bouquet.

Christiane Taubira is not yet a candidate and seems like an interesting bet for this left-wing voter. In the last elections, Maxime voted for “The Greens. Now this party “does not have as much credibility”, he explains.

According to the latest polls, 35% of voters close to the party remain undecided. Uncertainties that could lead to abstention, around 40% of French people do not know if they will vote in the first round of presidential elections on April 10. Five years ago, around 20% of French people refused to go to the polls in the French presidential elections.

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