VRT wants 'top screen face' with a limitation by 2023


The VRT would like to have a top screen face with a disability by 2023. Flemish Media Minister Benjamin Dalle (CD&V) said this in parliament on Thursday.

jvhSource: BELGIAN

Today at 16:47

According to the management agreement, the VRT must work in various ways on the image of people with disabilities. For example, in the ‘Fact Checkers’ program there was an item that examined how difficult it is to use public transport in a wheelchair. Another way is to portray people with disabilities in a way in which that disability is an almost irrelevant characteristic. “Like other people have brown hair or are bald,” Dalle said. An example of this was the character Luc Bomans in ‘Thuis’ after his accident.

“But the VRT is committed to doing even more,” says Dalle. “It would be very nice if there was also a screen face with a disability. That is definitely on the mind of the VRT. They would like to propose a new wanted one in 2023.” Dalle warned that this search will not be easy, because it must involve people who are the top in their job.

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