Wado de Pedro and four other K officials put their resignation at the disposal of Alberto Fernández

Five ministers put their resignation at the disposal of President Alberto Fernández. These are Kirchner officials such as Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro (Minister of the Interior), Luana Volnovich (PAMI), Fernanda Raverta (Anses) and Roberto Salvarezza (Science). The first letter was released by the Minister of the Interior: “I am hereby motivated to put at your disposal my resignation from the position of Minister of the Interior of the Nation with which I have been honored since December 10, 2019.” Immediately, PROFILE learned that the same did other officials aligned with the Vice President, Cristina Kirchner.

The resignations that the President must now evaluate come after the electoral defeat suffered by the Frente de Todos last Sunday. During Monday and Tuesday, Fernández and his team had been in charge of supporting questioned officials and ensured that there would be no cabinet changes.

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