Eduardo “Wado” by Pedro He resigned his post as Interior Minister after the defeat of the Frente de Todos in the PASO elections last Sunday.

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They would also have made their resignation available according to Clarion the ministers of Justice, Martin Soria, and Science and Technology, Roberto Salvarezza, Jorge Ferraresi, Minister of Habitat ; the holders of the Pami, Luana Volnovich, Fernanda Raverta de Anses, and the president of Aerolineas Argentinas Pablo Ceriani.

These resignations could lead to that of the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero. Something similar is also thought with Martin Guzman, Minister of Economy, who this Wednesday was with the President in an act and defended his management with a strong political speech.

“Motivates the present put at your disposal my resignation from the position of Minister of the Interior of the Nation with which I have been honored since December 10, 2019 ”, began the letter from the now former minister to President Alberto Fernández.

Wado’s resignation letter from Pedro.

The official pointed out that he paid attention to the president’s statements: “Listening to his words on Sunday night where he raised the need to interpret the verdict expressed by the Argentine people, I have considered that the best way to collaborate with this task is by putting my resignation at your disposal.”.

This wave of estrangements occurred after a meeting they held on Tuesday night Alberto Fernandez and Cristina Kirchner. That meeting had given strength to the versions that spoke of possible resignations in the cabinet.

Fernanda Raverta’s letter

Fernanda Raverta, head of ANSES, also made her resignation available with a short letter.

The resignation of Fernanda Raverta.

The resignation of Fernanda Raverta.

“I have the pleasure of writing to you in order to make available to you my resignation from the position of Executive Director of the NATIONAL ADMINISTRATION OF SOCIAL SECURITY (ANSES), in which I was appointed opportunely by Decree No. 429 of the 1st of May 2020 ″ wrote.

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