Walloon healthcare staff summoned for a first dose as soon as possible: "This is a regrettable error"

“It is a regrettable error of the service provider in charge of sending the invitation letters who did not send the correct version of the invitation letter. It should indeed have given them the information relating to the administration of an additional dose, “said Aviq, the Walloon Agency for a Quality Life, in charge of vaccination in the south of the country, on Thursday.

“In order to rectify the situation, the corrected invitation for the additional dose of vaccine is being sent,” she adds, ensuring that despite the erroneous content of this letter, the code entered there is correct and can be used to receive the additional dose by making an appointment via the jemevaccine.be site or by going directly to a mobile antenna or a vaccination center accessible without an appointment with the invitation.

The invitation for the additional dose sent by email or SMS does not contain any error, finally specifies the Aviq.

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