Walmart will have gas stations in its stores in partnership with Gazpro

New competition arrives in the fuel industry. Walmart informed that it will install gas stations in its different store formats.

This Monday, Walmart reported that in alliance with the company Gazpro will install gasoline stations in the parking lots of its stores.

The chain of supermarkets with a national presence reported that all the formats of its stores will participate, that is, Walmart Supercenter, Walmart Express, Bodega Aurrera, Mi Bodega Aurrera and Sam’s Club.

Walmart reported that the primary objective is to offer customers and partners the convenience of going to the grocery store and at the same time loading the car with gasoline.

Walmart to offer gasoline from Pemex

Walmart informed that the gasoline that it will offer to its customers will be supplied by Pemex through the sublicensed brand model.

While the new gas stations will be designed, developed and operated by Gazpro.

Some gas stations that Walmart will operate will also have convenience stores in Mexico and Central America.

The company clarified that the project will be subject to authorizations and permits from the competent authorities.

With this step, Walmart will compete directly in its format Sam’s Club with CostcoAs this store currently offers gas station service in some parts of the country, but only to its members and receives payments through electronic means, that is, bank cards and not in cash.

So soon customers of Walmart they will be able to go to the supermarket and to load gasoline in the same place.


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