Walter da Silveira Cinema Room brings LGBTQIAPN+ programming

After a week of carnival festivities, Sala de Cinema Walter da Silveira returns with its free programme. Starting this Friday (24), the space will show films focused on LGBTQIAPN+ themes. The films will remain on display until the 28th of February. Check out:

Bicha Preta Trilogy

Direction: Juan Rodrigues
Gender: Experimental Documentary
Classification: 12 years
Freedom Arch – 05 minutes and 42 seconds
Arch of Fear – 15 minutes
Arc of Time – 17 minutes

Feb/24 4pm
Feb/25 4pm
26/feb 2pm
Feb/28 4pm

Trilogy Synopsis:
In the construction of LGBTQ identity, Afrofuturism, ancestry, affection and insurgency, male and female fall before black bodies that resist in the search for freedom and time. Blurring the boundaries of the genre, in an attempt to simply be. Trilogia da Bicha Preta is formed by a series of hybrids between documentary, video art and performance that explore issues of ancestry, the body and space of the black bicha.

Horizontal Flowers

Direction: Bruna Prospera
Duration: 7 minutes
Classification: Free
Synopsis: Horizontal Flowers is an experimental short film, a dance on the spiral of time, claiming transvestite lives in memory of fallen bodies. We will not be invisible, we will not be forgotten.
Session: February 24th, 5pm

Bixa Travesty

Direction: Claudia Priscilla and Kiko Goifman
Duration: 75min
Gender: Documentary
Classification: 18 years
Synopsis: The political body of Linn da Quebrada, a black transsexual singer, is the driving force of this documentary that captures her public and private spheres, both marked not only by her unusual stage presence, but also by her incessant struggle to deconstruct gender stereotypes. , class and race.
Session: February 24th, 25th, 26th and 28th, 5pm

On the Endless Road There Are Flashes of Splendor

Direction: Sunny Maia and Liv Costa
Duration: 11 minutes and 32 seconds
Gender: Fiction
Classification: 14 years
Synopsis: Once, he said: when I left myself, goodbye was all I had to say. On this trip, maybe there is no arrival. Just an endless path.
Session: February 25th, 5pm


Direction: Miguel Rosa Caldeira and Nay Mendl
Duration: 20 minutes 17 seconds
Gender: Fiction
Synopsis: Denise and Luz grew up among rap songs, church hymns and vogue steps. From the bridge to here, it is necessary to learn that the first principle to be able to access the city is to be alive.
Session: February 26th, 5pm

Black Bixas Wanted

Direction: Vinicius Eliziário
Duration: 25 min
Gender: Documentary
Classification: 12 years
Synopsis: During the audition of a casting test, black fagots perform a monologue in which they tell their experiences about affection and identity starting from a motivating scene. In the course of the act, however, we do not know where fiction and reality begins or ends.
Session: February 28th, 5pm

Other events:

Friday, February 24th

Bar Âncora do Marujo brings drag queens Duda Baroni and Melanie Mason to a post-carnival performance

When? Friday the 24th at 11pm
Where? Bar Âncora do Marujo – Rua Carlos Gomes, 809, Dois de Julho
How much? BRL 10.00

Saturday, February 25th

Inspired by the HBOMax series EUPHORIA, Amsterdam holds the first edition of the Euphoricxs Party. The night features a lot of pop, indie, funk, soundtrack from the series, as well as lots of glitter and sweets.

When? Saturday (25), at 23:00
Where? Amsterdam – Rua Conselheiro Pedro Luiz, 113, Rio Vermelho
How much? From R$ 25.00 Tickets at Whatsapp

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