Wandy Peralta and Giancarlo Stanton spoke about controversy with the Mets

The dominican Wanda Peralta was chatting with Marly Rivera about the problems the Yankees had with the Mets; so did slugger Giancarlo Stanton.

One of the most intense games of the 2021 season was that last of the series between the Mets and Yankees, where the benches were emptied and the scoreboard was tied and turned on the basis of home runs in the Major Leagues.

Wanda Peralta He told Rivera that he is still upset; he doesn’t feel comfortable with what the Mets or precisely Jonathan Villar, Francisco Lindor and Javier Báez said about him helping to steal signals with his whistle.

“Watch me whistle, I do it to cheer on my own guys and my own dugout! I’ve been doing it all season! And if it was to call the field, I would have to stay in the dugout for the entire game! “

While Giancarlo Stanton Who for many was the one who started the fight, in fact it was not him, Francisco LIndor looked at him and said a few words with his second home run of the night, then Stanton equalized the game and had several answers for Lindor:

If you have a problem with Wandy, talk it over with Wandy. Do not talk to more people attracting everyone, especially in a base run, “he said. Giancarlo Stanton.

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