Technology, one of the protagonists of Black Friday.

After a year conditioned by the pandemic, Black Friday 2021 and the future Christmas campaign generate great sales prospects. However, the crisis of technological supplies was lowering the price to The expectations and, according to experts, online sales will not be as expected.

The previous analysis indicates that the online purchase intention will not be affected, but what can suffer is the experience, in the absence of stock in electronic products.

“Consumers will advance their Christmas purchases to this period in view of the supply crisis so as not to run out of stocks, instead of waiting for the Christmas season, because waiting does not guarantee that they will finally obtain the product”, explains Neus Soler, professor of Economics and Business Studies at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC).

The consumer is used to seeing multitude of products with very attractive sales, but keep in mind that it will be an atypical Christmas and there will not be the same variety or discounts to which the public is accustomed.

Technology, one of the protagonists of Black Friday.

“With regard to prices, they are likely to go up. We are in an unprecedented shortage situation global and we have been dragging it for a year ”, warns Cristian Castillo, professor of Economics and Business Studies at the UOC.

According to Google, 25% of Latin Americans start searching for products between 2 and 3 months before the discount season. However, these promotions are a key factor in their purchase and condition their final decision on the quality and quantity of offers they receive.

Three reasons

According to Castillo, an expert in logistics, this situation It is due to three reasons: the post-pandemic production bottleneck; the shortage of containers, as many are stranded in ports located in Europe or America.

The third factor is the geopolitical strategy of the Chinese giant, which hoarded raw materials, such as plastics, wood or semiconductors, to ensure its own supply.

Many technology products will be missing.  Photo Bloomberg.

Many technology products will be missing. Photo Bloomberg.

The effect of COVID-19 was a blow to the industry and its production, and now that the economy has revived, factories are not able to reactivate their manufacturing to the same degree that demand does, and therefore there is no stock.

“Until the end of 2022, especially depending on how the pandemic evolves, it will not be possible to get out of this serious crisis,” warns the expert.

The shortage of semiconductors will drive the production prices of technological inputs higher. Typically, IT companies would take advantage of the launch of new models to downgrade the old ones and get rid of the accumulated stock.

“However, production difficulties can delay launches and keep old models at moderate discounts”, explains Eduard Álvarez, professor of the UOC’s Economics and Business Studies.

According to Webloyalty’s Black Friday 2021 report, a purchase increase of 139% is expected compared to the previous month. Many consumers go shopping without thinking about the degree of need that the product brings.

“That there is less consumption or a more responsible one, in the sense of acquiring only those products that are really needed, I do not think it is a bad dynamic, at least for a certain time, to stop such unsustainable consumer behavior”, summarizes Álvarez .


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