Apple Watch Series 7

Apple launches worldwide sales of Watch Series 7 smartwatches on October 15, they also start in Russia. Izvestia got acquainted with the novelty before the premiere… As promised in the “apple” corporation, the new gadget received a wider and brighter screen, which is more comfortable to use than on devices of previous models. Also, the gadget has new dials and training modes, plus it began to charge faster. Some of the new options look extremely unusual and require either increased user skill or refinement.

Widescreen chronometer

Apple Watch Series 7 will go on sale worldwide 15 october… From this day the gadget will be available in Russia as well – our country has entered the number of markets of the so-called “first wave”… Devices with a display diagonal of 41 and 45 mm in the Apple online store can already be ordered for 36.99 thousand rubles and 39.99 thousand. In addition to Series 7, the old Series 3 and “budget” Apple Watch SE, which appeared last year, will remain on sale …

This year, the vendor has updated the design of smartwatches, perhaps the most radical. since their introduction on the market in 2014. The display has become larger: it has been enlarged by thinning the side frames. When comparing the switched off Series 6 and Series 7, the difference in size is not so noticeable. However, in working order the screen of the seventh series watch and elements on it (numbers, letters, application icons, etc.) really seem larger… And the image on the new watch, as promised by Apple at the presentation on September 14, is really brighter.

In practice, this means that reading texts on the watch screen has become more convenient, as well as looking at photos (on the Apple Watch of previous series, they often turned into a poorly watchable set of colored spots). At the same time, some applications built into the clock are now perceived somewhat differently. In the gadget it became more comfortable to use, for example, a calculator (earlier it was problematic to get into its buttons on the clock).

Фото: Global Look Press/Keystone Press Agency/Apple

Another interesting feature of the display is due to the new geometry improved screen visibility from “uncomfortable” angles… That is, when you are trying to look at the watch from the side, it is slightly easier with the Series 7 than with the Series 6.

It is also proposed to charge the new design in a new way. Apple first started bundling watches with a USB-C charging cable. With it, they will charge faster, the corporation promised earlier. Izvestia managed to bring the charge of Apple Watch Series 7 from 25% to 100% with a new cable in 40 minutes. During the same time, Series 6 were fully charged via regular USB, in which about 60% of the battery remained… However, the Watch Series 7 does not come with a charger.

Input quirks

Apple Watch Series 7 runs on a new operating system watchOS 8… First impression – many small and nice features… For example, now you can set a photo from an album on the iPhone as a dial on a never-dying, always-working display. A separate icon has appeared to activate the AirTags that Apple released this year. New dials look stylish (for example, “Around the World”). The new watch has a training mode “Bicycle”, as well as the function of recognition and notification of emergency services that a person has fallen from it.

But the most interesting and controversial innovation is the text input function, and in several ways at once. Even at the September presentation of the watch, it was announced that QWERTY keyboards… It really is there, but so far only supports English. First impression – the keys are very small, and to get into the desired button and not switch to character mode, you need a lot of skill.


Фото: Global Look Press/ZUMA Press/Ray Tang

For users who do not have it, Apple immediately offers a way out – in the “Clock” application on the iPhone, a text input line appeared: if it was not possible to type it on the watch, you can do it on the familiar smartphone keyboard and large display.

Not all applications support input correctly. For example, Telegram offers to type messages using handwriting (on the watch screen, you can draw letters with your finger, which are then converted into typed text) or dictate voice messages. Audio messages are sent without problems. When you try to use the keyboard, the application prompts you to enter text from the iPhone. And in the handwriting field, there is simply no “Submit” button.

In the “Messages” application, all buttons are in placee. It is possible to “draw” the text in Latin characters on the watch display, however, the device’s idea of ​​how letters, numbers and punctuation marks look like are very different from the ideas of the Izvestia correspondent. Therefore, in typewritten form, it often turns out not at all what we would like. You can also dictate a phrase in “Messages” – the watch will recognize it and translate it into text in Russian. The function works quite well, but sometimes it does not recognize words correctly, sometimes several in a row.

You can think of many ways to use these hour-long communications – playing sports, traveling on crowded public transport, or meeting – that is, situations in which, for some reason, it is impossible or inconvenient to use the iPhone. But first of all, these options are addressed to the owners of watches with electronic SIM-card (eSIM) support. Devices of this kind are sold and used, for example, in the USA, and they allow making calls, receiving calls independently from the iPhone, they do not need the device to be constantly nearby to work. But when such a watch will appear in the Russian Federation, and cellular operators will begin to support their work, is still unknown.


Photo: Apple

In general, users who are ready to spend 40 thousand rubles on a fashion accessory can recommend such a gadget.… Moreover, this year the watch is released in five new colors, among which the most striking are green, blue and red – so it will be easy for the buyer to stand out. However, it should be remembered that some features in the Apple Watch Series 7 still look like a groundwork for the future – most likely, they will be finalized later.

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