The very long love abstinence of Cristina Perez met its end in the last hours, when the controversial journalist admitted her relationship with the deputy Louis petri. “Found” in the streets of San Telmo by the hand of the legislator, the Tucuman whitewashed what link she has with him in a lightning dialogue she had with the Teleshow portal.

Cristina had been single since she separated from her last boyfriend, a stocky young man with an athletic body named Yoel Freue, an event that shook her “sentimental” drowsiness at the beginning of her strict quarantine, back in April 2020. A couple of months later, the rupture was even pointed to as “the one that started the wave of distancing” that affected local entertainment.

Since then – a year and a half, nothing more and nothing less – she has not been involved with a man again. Not even with his partner Rodolfo Barilli, with whom he starred in an eternal television flirtation, since he is involved in an affair with a lawyer that has taken hold over the months.

Pérez conducts the central newscast of Telefe (precisely with Barilli) and then a night cycle of reflections and sentences on Radio Miter. From those two spaces – and from his social networks, especially Twitter – he became one of the main media swords in opposition to the Fernández government. So much so that the followers of the national administration made it one of the favorite targets of their criticism.

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After being “surprised” in the vicinity of the historic San Telmo market, converted in recent months into an ABC1 gastronomic center after hosting butchers, greengrocers, antiques and candy stores for more than a century, the driver spoke with Teleshow and did not dodge the question about romance or give an evasive answer.

Rather the complete opposite. He spoke decisively and firmly. ““If we are together. In love Knowing us. Very happy” Pérez told Teleshow. It also transpired that before they started dating they held long and fluent dialogues on WahtsApp. One day he asked her out, she accepted and it happened naturally. Petri He is 44 years old and a lawyer from Mendoza who is a member of the URC-Together for Change alliance. That is to say that love, this time, goes “hand in hand” with his thought.

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