On National Athletic you do not think of anything other than the comeback, facing the game this Wednesday against Santa Fe. This was expressed by the team’s player, Jimer Fory.

“We are very clear that we are going to come back”, Jimer Fory

In the midst of the shyness typical of youth and the fear that speaking before the cameras can generate, Fory stressed that the team is psyched to turn around the defeat that was brought from Bogotá.

At the El Campín Stadium, the ‘Red Express’ prevailed (2-1), a situation that forces the ‘Verdolaga’ team to win by two goals difference, in the second leg, if it wants to advance directly, or by one, to force the definition from the penalty spot.

Those led by Alejandro Restrepo are mentalized that they will defend Atanasio Girardot, where this Wednesday from 5:30 in the afternoon, they will face the capital team, which has the peace of mind of knowing that with a draw they would qualify for the semifinal.

By: @Jaider_Escobar

In the first leg he celebrated the ‘Red Express’

Santa Fe vs Nacional 2

Santa Fe vs Nacional 1

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