Farid was 37 years old and was executed with a shot in the head in Ponta Porã (Photo: Social networks)

Day 7 Mass will be held this Thursday (14) in the same church where councilor was veiled

Farid was 37 years old and was executed with a shot in the head in Ponta Porã (Photo: Social networks)

“Something barbaric and surreal” was how Sumaya Afif, a lawyer, defined the death of her brother Farid Afif, 37, a councilor executed last Friday night (8) in Ponta Porã, 323 km from Campo Grande.

With her parents very shaken and unable to speak with the report, Sumaya spoke on behalf of the family to the Campo Grande News and asked the MS press to await the conclusion of the investigations so as not to publish rash stories that compromise the work Farid has carried out over the years.

“Right now we just wanted them to talk about the good things he’s always done, we’re already suffering a lot and we’ve seen some fake news, suggesting that his death is related to drug trafficking or debt, since he hated borrowing money and didn’t get involved with the drug trade. Anyone who knows him knows, said, he was super involved with the family,” said the lawyer.

According to Sumaya, the family cannot understand why Farid was killed and is waiting for information from the police while they are in mourning and solve the necessary bureaucracies after the councilor’s death. “We’re still trying to absorb everything and give full support to our parents, my sister-in-law and the children,” he said.

On the night of this Thursday (14), mass will be held on the 7th day of Farid’s death. The ceremony will be open to the public and will be held at the São Charbel Parish, on Avenida Brasil, which separates Ponta Porã from the city of Pedro Juan Caballero. “Anyone who wants to go will be welcome. At these times it’s great to know that we can count on friends and whoever used to accompany him and liked his work”, concluded Sumaya.

The crime – Farid was executed with a shot to the head, from a .45-caliber pistol, in front of a dealership on Rua Paraguai, while riding a bicycle, on the day of his youngest daughter’s birthday. He was married and left three children.

Security camera footage showed that the perpetrator was on a motorcycle, killed Farid and fled the scene in less than 10 seconds. The DEH team (Specialized Police Office for the Repression of Crimes of Homicide) has been in Ponta Porã since Saturday helping with the investigation.

“The police are working with some lines of investigation and I believe that this week we will have news,” said Marcelino Nunes, municipal secretary for Public Security in Ponta Porã.

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