Réver had a more friendly posture with Cazares in the imbroglio that he is with Rooster at the moment

Defender Rever has 298 games for Atlético-MG and against Santos, this Wednesday, October 13, at Mineirão, he will reach 300 matches wearing the white mantle, becoming one of the players who played the most for the athletic team.

The 36-year-old player’s experience was recognized and his contract renewed until the end of next year. And this experience in football has been important to keep Atlético focused on the quest for the Brazilian title.

Galo makes game-by-game planning so that the final goal, with the end of the 50-year fast, is finally over. The defender commented how this has been working internally at the club. Check out the video above.

Réver is close to completing 300 matches for Galo (Pedro Souza/Atlético-MG)

The post ‘We face each game as a decision’, says Réver when talking about Galo’s game-by-game planning, first appeared in ISTOÉ Independente.

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