"We want a mom and a dad": the story of four brothers who asked not to separate and hope to be adopted

Milagros (16 years old), Lara (11), Virginia (7) and Augusto (7), are brothers −the youngest, twins− and in May 2020 they came to a home at Longchamps, Admiral Brown party. Some time later, they were declared adoptable, but despite the searches that were carried out, a family for them has not yet been found. “Two years in the lives of girls and boys is a long time. Since they arrived home, they ask for a family: what they want is a mom and a dad”, says Carina, the social worker in the home where they live.

The twins arrived first at the institution: they were 6 years old and crying for their sisters. “That’s when we said: you can’t separate them, they have a very strong bond,” recalls the social worker. With their team, they began to insist on reuniting them and, shortly after, Milagros and Lara, who were in another home, were also transferred to the place. Since then, the little brothers have been closer than ever, and they set a condition to be adopted: they all go to the same family. “In case of not finding candidates to adopt them, the judge raised the possibility of separating to increase the possibilities and they said no. His request from the first moment was to go all together or, if not, stay at home “Carina explains about the determination of the boys.

For this reason, Family Court No. 10 of Lomas de Zamora launched a public call open to all those people or couples who feel that they can assume the enormous responsibility of becoming the family of these little brothers.

Weeks ago, the brothers went to the coast of Buenos Aires and met the sea for the first time. It was a trip organized by the household thanks to the collaboration of many people. A photo portrayed them embracing on the shore under a cloudless sky, happy. Milagros, the eldest, extends her arms behind her siblings’ backs, in a gesture that seeks to encompass all three. “She is tall and very protective: she took care of her little brothers all her life, but she is still a girl. On the beach, she played with them and made sand castles like one of the others. They look for her all the time”, describe Carina.

miracles he has an intellectual disability and goes to a special school. According to the social worker, it is the one that a mother asks for the most. “She also needs to be taken care of, like her little brothers. She is very affectionate, calm and super companion. It has autonomy for everything and can move alone in a group, for example, ”he details. In addition, she adds that she is very spontaneous in expressing herself and that she likes to watch television, especially programs where stories are told. He has fun listening to music (he loves Rocío Quiroz and Karina La Princesita) and he loves going for walks and walks. His favorite food is pizza and, for dessert, chocolate.

Lara she is more reserved, especially at the beginning, when she first meets someone. When he gains confidence, he likes to play tag and hide and seek. He went to sixth grade at the school. In his spare time he enjoys watching movies and listening to music. He is attracted to sports and is currently playing rugby with other girls and boys in the home.

Augusto He is very active and curious. “He is always playing attentive to what his sisters do. He cares about them,” says Carina. Soccer and basketball are his favorite sports, and he also enjoys foosball, board games and Mario Bros video games. He is a fan of Spider-Man and his favorite food is hamburgers. He went to third grade.

Virginia She is sociable and the companion of her twin, with whom she spends a lot of time. He likes to play with his friends at school, watch cartoons and listen to music. The food he likes the most is rice.

The brothers love water. In the home, which is located on several hectares full of trees, there is a pool where they spend summer afternoons. However, the wait for a family is long. “In the little letter to Santa Claus, everyone asked for a family. They are super anxious and all the time they ask: ‘Have they already chosen us? Don’t you even have a family photo?’ They see the other boys who are leaving and for them it becomes more and more difficult”, concludes Carina.

The public calls They emerged as the last resource to respond to children and adolescents who have been waiting for a family for a longer time. When the judges and judges exhaust all the search instances within the network of registers of applicants for adoptive care, these calls are made to the entire community.

How do they work? Those interested must contact the registries or courts to request more information and apply, after which they go through a selection process, with interviews and evaluations. The specialists remember that applying for a call It is not “an act of solidarity” or something that should be done impulsively Given how moving these stories can be, but also implies a deep desire to start building a family bond together with these children through adoption, with the enormous challenges that this implies.

To apply for the call for the four little brothers, write to the court at [email protected] or to the Central Registry of Aspiring Guardians for Adoption Purposes to the email [email protected]. The call reference number is: 28133. The names of the girls and the boy have been changed in this note to preserve their identity.

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