"We warn all involved - We demand fair treatment"

The APOEL Association issued a statement through which it fires against the refereeing of yesterday’s match against Keravnos, but also the KOK.


“We were seduced and believed that something would finally change this season, but we were refuted from a very early age. The hollow words and promises of those responsible for supposedly equal treatment of all teams, were shattered in the game Keravnos-APOEL.

Unfortunately, in another year we witnessed the same poorly directed project in an APOEL basketball game. With different, but always negative protagonists that determine results when they try it.

We will send a strong message to everyone. APOEL is back whether some people like it or not and it is not going to be the comparsos. Without the participation of APOEL, your product is very poor.

We publicly warn everyone involved. The Board and the APOEL fans will not tolerate similar behaviors and the cover-up of the same crime in the future.

The largest Association of Cyprus demands the same respect that you show to groups that represent a neighborhood or even a city. We demand for the umpteenth time a fair treatment from KOK and its bodies and to let the best team win on the floor. “Basketball is nobody’s business.”

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