Web reverberates Bruno Gaga’s withdrawal

The withdrawal of Bruno Gaga from the BBB23 this Friday (17) is generating a great commotion on social networks. One of the most commented subjects of the moment, netizens draw attention to the dangers of anxiety and the seriousness of the topic.

Many celebrities spoke, including actor Selton Melo, who emphasized the danger of panic. “We live in a silent pandemic of our heartaches, all over the world, accentuated by non-social networks. No prize, no game is worth the sacrifice of our mental health,” he said on Twitter.

The official pages of the participants Fred Desimpedidos and Key Alves also published notes in support of the ex brother. Netizens also spoke out and protected Bruno from criticism. “It wasn’t theater, it wasn’t to draw attention, he was going through a crisis that none of us knew the extent of, be kind to him out here”, said a twitter user.

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