Weekly horoscope Leo: your horoscope week from November 22nd  - 11/28/2021

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Weekly horoscope Leo: your horoscope week from November 22nd – 11/28/2021

Weekly horoscope Leo from November 22nd – 11/28/2021 | Horoscope of week 47: Everything for love, work and health. ✓ free ✓ for men & women | DAY24

With enough confidence brings the current one Horoscope Week the love stars on the road to success. Are the prospects for your career so promising too? And how is your health in the new week? in the free Weekly horoscope for Leo from November 22nd – 28.11.2021 astrology gives your zodiac sign inspiring cosmic tips for more happiness and harmony.

You can also find out here whether the lunar energies affect your zodiac sign:

Love and partnership

At the moment you are very good at conveying your feelings. You need someone to whom you can really pour your heart out. You would also like to be alone with the great love. The more you trust, the more intimate a relationship will develop.

health and fitness

You’re in great shape. Pushing back pain away is good for your health. Chronic illnesses and depression can experience relief these days, especially as inner excitement is subdued. Your performance curve is rising, don’t get cocky.

Job and finance

A strong inner restlessness shapes the whole course of life. Check carefully or ask for other opinions before committing yourself. During these days you can get involved at the very front and get a lot of praise. Your skills are in demand with colleagues and superiors. You need all your strength for big tasks, not for trivial matters. At the moment you are very productive, that creates admirers.

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