Wendy Van Wanten is candid in Het huis.  Only those who come by as a surprise guest do not want to reveal One this time.

Wendy Van Wanten is candid in Het huis. Only those who come by as a surprise guest do not want to reveal One this time.

No Wendy Van Wanten in The House. Eric Goens tells the singer to turn off her ‘showbiz button’. So you will not see Wendy, but Iris Vandenkerckhove (61) on Tuesday evening. She will talk about her life and work, including her turbulent love life. The father of her son Clément, a story that has haunted her for years, is also discussed.

Desmytere Road

Today at 03:00

In The House Wendy Van Wanten once again becomes Iris Vandenkerckhove, the young woman who lost her mother when she was nineteen. “That was hard,” she says. “She was 62 years old then, I will soon be 62. That makes it even more important now. I still haven’t given up on the loss. All these years I have fled.”

That escape route was Wendy Van Wanten, an alter ego she took on in the early 1980s. “I’ve always been more Wendy than Iris,” she says. “Wendy is a fantasy, life on the light-hearted side. While Iris hides rather.”

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And Iris has had her share of setbacks in life, especially in love. In the nursery, where opinion BV already got a lump in the throat, the singer looks back on her past relationships. Her first husband, the father of her eldest son Dylan. “I only had him, he was my support. I really wanted to make something of that.”

Her former manager Danny De Waele, who died of lymphoma in 2013, is also discussed. She calls his death “the heaviest cross of her life”. Was he her bosom friend or more than that? “I have been able to experience what it is like to have someone next to me unconditionally. I hope I didn’t hurt him.”

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The father of her youngest son Clément, who has been shrouded in mystery for years, is also discussed, albeit not directly. “The aim is for that boy to be happy. And so it is. He has a daddy. French (Wendy’s current partner, ed.) is his daddy, still.” Who the surprise guest is, One will really keep it as a surprise this time. The sender only wants to release that the sentence You are kidding me? is repeated quite a few times.

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