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So far there has only been speculation, now the Bremen public prosecutor has presented the first evidence in the Markus Anfang case. The investigations have shown that the information in the vaccination certificate of the former SV Werder Bremen coach is incorrect.

Bremen – Markus beginning can now be represented by a lawyer – and this has already asked to inspect the files. Co-trainer against the beginning Florian Young As expected, an investigation was also initiated on Monday afternoon. For organizational reasons that was no longer possible on Friday. As at the beginning of Friday evening, Junge had announced his resignation. The chapter is for both Werder Bremen terminated after just a few months, their contracts were terminated.

Vaccination scandal at SV Werder Bremen: Evidence against former coach Markus Anfang is overwhelming

From a legal point of view, however, the story is just getting started. The evidence against Markus beginning are overwhelming. According to the vaccination certificate, both vaccinations of the 47-year-old ex-trainer should be from Werder Bremen have been carried out in the vaccination center in Cologne. But the beginning definitely didn’t get a spade there. “The North Rhine National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, which is responsible for the Cologne vaccination center, has informed us that no data from Mr. Anfang has been recorded in the IT system,” said Senior Public Prosecutor Frank Passade when asked DeichStube* with. In addition, the batch number of the first vaccination was never vaccinated and the number of the second vaccination did not match the date entered in the initial vaccination certificate. Therefore, the public prosecutor assumes a forgery of the vaccination card.

The date entries for the vaccinations also speak for this. According to “Spiegel” information, the first spade should have taken place on April 20 – in Cologne, mind you. But that day was Markus beginning with his then Club Darmstadt 98 in Würzburg and celebrated a 3-1 victory. Contrary to the first indications, the second vaccination should not then – as reported by the DeichStube – in July, but on June 1st. Either way, that doesn’t fit at all with the initial statements shortly after he started work Werder Bremen Mid-June. At that time, the new coach had stated that he had not yet been vaccinated. In August, the ex-professional was still considered unvaccinated and even had to be briefly quarantined because a player had tested positive. An employee of the health department probably remembered this when he checked all of the green and white vaccinations in the course of the latest Corona case at Werder (Marco Friedl). In the meantime, the beginning also had one, albeit with false information that came out of it. And the health department noticed something else strange, according to “Spiegel”. Initially, the vaccination card contained the category “Covid-19”. But these forms did not even exist at the time of the first vaccination.

Vaccination fraud at Werder Bremen: What punishment does ex-coach Markus Anfang face?

Markus beginning itself has not yet been heard. As a rule, after inspecting the files, lawyers decide whether to let their mandate testify. As a suspect, Anfang is not obliged to do so. It remains to be seen whether there will be an indictment and then a main hearing. In the case of an admission of guilt, there is also the option of discontinuing the proceedings in return for a payment. A penalty order with a fine and a suspended sentence is also possible. Both would be given to the former trainer of the SV Werder Bremen save going to court. (knee) * is a joint venture between the Kreiszeitung media group and the WESER-KURIER media group and an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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