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SV Werder Bremen will play against Fortuna Düsseldorf on Saturday’s 19th matchday in the 2nd Bundesliga and want to continue their winning streak so as not to lose sight of their promotion to the Bundesliga. The preliminary report of the * DeichStube.

Bremen – The time would have been very good, so shortly before the end of the winter break and with the upturn from the last three victories in a row behind us. Werder Bremen let it slip by on Thursday anyway. And quite deliberately. During the official press conference before the start of the second division of the year against Fortuna Dusseldorf (Saturday, 1.30 p.m. in DeichStube-Liveticker) the club once again refrained from showing a direct return to the Bundesliga as a season’s goal. Is called: The little word “ascent” still ekes out a shadowy existence on Osterdeich in January 2022, is definitely wafting through the cabin wing, fitness room and management offices, it just disappears immediately as soon as those responsible speak out in public. That will not change so quickly what coaches do Ole Werner but in no way wants to be misinterpreted as a lack of ambition. But on the contrary.

Werder Bremen versus Fortuna Düsseldorf – Ole Werner: “I expect a really hot dance”

For the 33-year-old, verbal restraint is a kind of basic prerequisite for actually being able to achieve the unspoken goal in the end. “Above all, it brings me something to see the whole thing in small steps. What situation are we in now? What can we directly influence? So our first goal is to get back on our feet after the winter break, ”said the coach. He had agreed on this language rule at a meeting with the team council during the week. Now it is better not to deliver a big headline with the A-word, but as many small headings as possible through successful games, which then move the subject into focus in a few weeks by themselves. Ole Werner: “We want to put ourselves in a situation in which we can have a say in things when the hot phase of the season starts in April.” Against Fortuna Dusseldorf will Werder Bremen start on Saturday.

Due to its strong year-end spurt, the SV Werder Bremen fought up to one point in the table for the relegation place. Under no circumstances should this fizzle out again in 2022, but rather be continued. “I expect a really hot dance,” emphasized Werner, who had previously highlighted the opponent’s strengths in detail. But who should also know that Fortuna Dusseldorf, they had rarely shown their advantage during the first 18 games of the season. The traditional club is currently only in 13th place and can therefore confidently be described as one of the big disappointments of the series so far. So Werder is clearly the favorite in the game.

Werder Bremen on the way to promotion? Fortuna Düsseldorf a “first, weighty building block”

“You can feel that my team wants to be successful,” said Ole Werner about his impressions during the winter break. Fortuna Dusseldorf is a “first, important building block” on this path. Then – regardless of the outcome of the game – a new situation arises that Werner wants to approach again as he is now approaching Düsseldorf: “We can’t leave anything left or right, we always have to focus all our attention on the moment.” It’s a creed that, in the eyes of the coach, is for Werder Bremen there is almost no alternative, “because you do not know in advance what imponderables will still be presented to you. The last six months have shown that here in Bremen ”.

One thing is certain: One of these imponderables is the pandemic, the coronavirus, which has long since caused an unforeseeable personal lottery for all clubs. Before the game against Fortuna Dusseldorf are Werder Bremen recent cases (Veljkovic, Friedl, Füllkrug, Mbom) returned in time. But nobody knows what it will look like in a week, not even what it will look like tomorrow. “I cannot influence it. I can only deal in the best possible way with the situations that may arise from it, ”said Ole Wernerwhose current aversion to the word “Ascent“Is possibly also due to this. As I said: First of all, Düsseldorf. Then then look further. And, in the best of cases, have already improved their own position a little. “We are seventh in pursuit because six teams are standing in front of us and can see us in their rear-view mirror”, Werner stated soberly – and suddenly he almost spoke of the promotion without using the term: “Our job is to to overtake one or the other. ”Four teams could be enough in the end. (dco) *DeichStube.de is a joint venture of the Kreiszeitung media group and the WESER-KURIER media group and an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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