Wesley Hoedt: "Anything to aim for Kompany"

Wesley Hoedt had heard the end of Kompany’s press conference. “It’s nonsense to ask questions about Kompany’s position”, said the Dutchman, visibly annoyed. “Come see Neerpede and you won’t ask this question again: no coach works as hard as he and his staff. That’s my opinion, but also that of the group, even if there are always some exceptions. We can not help that we miss so many chances. I know that in football, it is often the coach who is sacrificed, while the players are guilty. “

Hoedt therefore points the finger at the players. “It starts to be annoying to have to create ten chances to score a goal. And to concede a goal on the opponent’s first chance. If Benito is not excluded, we inflict a 4-0 or 5-0 in Kortrijk. “

“We have a lot of qualities in the group, but we have to look at ourselves in the mirror. It’s up to us to be more efficient. And these red cards do not look like anything. What we said to Benito? It stays in the locker room. . I understand his frustration, but he can’t do this. “

Meanwhile, Anderlecht moved away from 4th place. “It hurts, but let’s not dramatize it. We know we can do better than that.”

What about the public’s whistles? “I understand people, that’s part of the charm of football, but that doesn’t mean I agree with them. Having said that: I’ve seen worse in my old clubs, which were active in bigger leagues. There, they wouldn’t let you go home. “

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