What about the favorable regimes at the price?  “Even more direct impact...


A less favorable tax regime for our football clubs, but what about cycling? The impact is even more direct there, says real estate agent Dries Smets of Squadra Sports Management. “Because the Belgian teams and riders in the World Tour always race at the highest, international level against countries such as the US and Germany, where they will still enjoy favorable regimes. That is not the case in football. That is why a serious increase in those contributions is detrimental to the international market position and competitiveness of the teams and their riders.”

Hugo Coorevits

Today at 05:00

Until now, Belgian riders were interesting precisely because of the RSZ legislation, also for many foreign teams, because the arrangement applied to all teams and riders based in Belgium, such as Wout van Aert and Greg Van Avermaet.

“Although I can see that the current favorable regime can no longer be defended in its entirety, I still hope that a good compromise can still be found with the new arrangement”, concludes Smets. “Hopefully the specificity of some smaller sports, such as cycling, will be taken into account. Furthermore, a long transition period to the new system could also help.”

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