Here is a list of the best confectioneries:

Padre Coffee and Beer


From the origin, they select the beans, import them, roast them and offer in more than 30 possibilities of drinks added to vegetable milks, signature cocktails where the protagonist is always coffee. It is at Jorge Luis Borges 2008, Palermo.

His three most prominent options on his menu are: unicorn coffee; the espresso martini, which is a double espresso with vodka and coffee liqueur, and the “blonde coffee”.

Alex Coffee Roasters

It is the first specialty coffee shop in the north. Its top three coffees are flat white, cappuccino, and latte. It is a combination of art, coffee and good vibes. It is located at Dr. René Favaloro 3331, Victoria.



They aim to convey a homey feeling in the middle of the city. They were born as a specialty cafeteria and today they are much more, a restaurant that combines modern cuisine with great coffee. They are located in Peña 2033, Recoleta.

LAB Toasters

They are in Humboldt 1542, Palermo. LAB was born as a high-quality coffee roasting laboratory, focused on developing micro-batches of exclusive design for the Gastronomic sector.

Flat & white

Cerrito 1224, Recoleta. Martina Vigo and Gabriel Gazdik are the creators, a couple who found a passion for coffee on a trip to San Francisco and decided that on their return they would put a coffee in Buenos Aires. That project has been going on for three years today.

Melting pot

Under a concept that prioritizes coffee and a kitchen proposal with simple, homemade recipes made with fresh ingredients, it presents an alternative for every moment of the day. It is at Gral. Ramón Freire 1502, Colegiales.

Felix Felix & Co.


The recommended ones on its menu are: an espresso for lovers of pure and intense coffee; a cappuccino for those looking for something balanced and the most loved on the menu, a flat white. It is located at Serrano 1415, Palermo.

Coffee Town

They are avant-garde in terms of coffee, and in research and development to achieve new varietals that guarantee the survival of the species and improve the quality of the cups.

San Telmo Market, Bolívar 960.

Raven Coffee


El Salvador 4580, Palermo. Among its best coffees are the “Magic” a double ristretto and milk in a small cup to feel the taste of coffee over milk; the “flat white”, cold with homemade almond milk and the “Lemon Cold Brew”.

Cigaló Specialty Coffee

Cigaló was born in November 2017 and opened its doors in the DOHO gastronomic corridor. It is located in Holmberg 2004, Villa Urquiza.

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