Anses Retirement SUAF AUH Collection Calendar Payments Universal Child Allowance 07-06-2021

Ignacio Petunchi

ANSES: what are the three increases for November

Program beneficiaries will charge the Friday, November 5 the complementary salary with the 3% increase corresponding to the second SMVM update installment, which will leave a final amount of $ 16,000.

The National Program for Socio-productive Inclusion and Local Development is aimed at those people who were under the “Make the Future” and “Community Productive Projects” programs. Unify all its holders in this initiative.

We launched Empower Work

The beneficiaries of the program of the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity will add a new increase of 3% in November. The benefit stipulates the equivalent payment of the total SMVM, so that next month the total amount will rise to $ 32,000.

To know the place and date of collection of the Accompany Program, you can enter with CUIL at

It is aimed at women and LGBTI + in situations of gender violence throughout the country. Its main objective is to strengthen your financial independence.

The double increase in the SUAF amounts corresponding to the complement of October 2021 will be for workers in a dependency relationship, holders of unemployment benefit and monotax holders of categories A, B, C and D. The benefit will start on Monday the 8th and will run until Friday the 19th. The collection dates according to the DNI are:

  • DNI ending in 0: Monday, November 8

  • DNI ending in 1: Tuesday, November 9

  • DNI ending in 2: Wednesday, November 10

  • DNI ending in 3: Thursday, November 11

  • DNI ending in 4: Friday, November 12

  • DNI ending in 5: Monday, November 15

  • DNI ending in 6: Tuesday, November 16

  • DNI ending in 7: Wednesday, November 17

  • DNI ending in 8: Thursday, November 18

  • DNI ending in 9: Friday, November 19

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