Maureen Dor recounts her chilling story in a letter to the Special Envoy show. The former host would have been sexually assaulted by Nicolas Hulot, when she was only 18 years old. What becomes of the former actress today, far from television screens?

She had 18 years old at the time of the alleged facts. Maureen Dor, a 51-year-old former Belgian host and actress, said she was sexually assaulted by Nicolas Hulot in 1989, in a report byCorrespondent broadcast on November 25 on France 2. The actress did not testify in front of the camera, but sent a letter to the show in which she tells this chilling tale. According to his words, the former host of the show Ushuaia him wouldjumped on it“while they were in a hotel in Brussels for a book fair and she accompanied him to his room, without suspecting the supposed intentions of Nicolas Hulot. He would have in particular”tried to kiss her“despite his refusal.

“But you have a wife!” : Maureen Dor, shocked by Nicolas Hulot

At the time, the young woman was stunned and did not understand. She was not “not particularly sexy, was still virgin and had been “brought up in a bourgeois Catholic environment“. “It’s important to say because at the time I sincerely think that a man can offer me to accompany him to his room. without having any ulterior motives“, she clarified.
But you have a wife!“, she would have exclaimed, candid, when she had discovered the intentions of Nicolas Hulot. He, would have assured that it was only a”parenthesis“.

Maureen Dor: her dinner with Nicolas Hulot

At this precise moment, the reception calls to announce that the journalists arrive. He tells me to go, what I do“, she said in her letter. After this episode, Maureen Dor, without really knowing why, still saw the former Minister of Ecological Transition, going dinner with him and friends. “I still wanted to go to dinner with him, fascinated by the man. There it is, this is where I have the impression of not having been clear with myself“, she declared, overcome by remorse.
That evening, in the car that took them to the restaurant, Nicolas Hulot would then have gave the girl her phone number, “in case“. “This event must have ‘worked’ me more than expected since during the night, I wrote him a long letter in which I said that he should not do that to young girls who admired him“, she said.

Maureen Dor: how she was revealed

Maureen Dor did her debut as an actress just ten years, playing in the movie The days of our life by Maurice Rabinowicz. Growing up, the young woman wanted to turn to the world of journalism. After a first year of study at IHECS, a journalism school in Brussels, she obtained a position as columnist for the show Nowhere else on Canal +, the young woman is already used to cameras.

Maureen Dor, competitor of Dorothée, wanted to be Monica Bellucci

In the 90s, she hosted the children’s show Chalu Maureen with the unbeatable Charly and Lulu, on France 2. At the time, this program was in direct competition with … The Dorothée Club! But the young woman was not fulfilled in the face of the image she sent back. “For a long time I was the funny one on duty, the girl next door, that is to say the girl who looked like them. But very young, we don’t want to be the girl next door. I wanted to be Monica Bellucci“, she confided to Sophie Davant, in the show A whole story.

Maureen Dor, an artist … on all fronts

After being a columnist in Laurent Ruquier’s show We Tried Everything, Maureen Dor, decidedly versatile, lent her voice in The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood and The Ice Age. In 2006, she even sang pieces that she had written, at the Sentier des Halles. In 2011, the ambitious actress created the Clochette editions, and published his own children’s books.

What becomes of Maureen Dor?

Now, Maureen Dor leads a rather peaceful family life, Suresnes, in Hauts-de-Seine, where she has lived for twenty years with her cat, her partner and her children. The ex-host is in a relationship with the musician Jérôme Dédina since 1995. Together, they have two children, Gaspard, 20, and Léonard, 18. When it comes to her professional life, she thrives as aeditor of children’s books, still at the head of Editions Clochette and far from television screens.
As for her mishap which would have occurred with Nicolas Hulot, she marked it, but not with a hot iron. “I do not have not been ‘damaged’ by my meeting with Mr. Hulot. And I’m sincerely afraid of being so much more by the reactions that this kind of denunciation generates on social networks.“she said in her letter.

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