Ciro Gomes (PDT) and former judge Sergio Moro (Podemos)

Anyone close to Ciro Gomes knows that the former finance minister loves the idea of ​​debating the economy. Not least, he continues to summon Sergio Moro, who he understands as his biggest opponent at the moment, for a debate. The tone of the summons should not lack provocation. But Ciro has at least some well-rehearsed proposals.

One measure that Ciro loves to defend is to cut straight off, in a linear fashion, all kinds of tax incentives. A way to reduce spending on subsidies, seen in many cases as a big deal by the PDT presidential candidate. He usually defends that this money is concentrated on measures of a social nature.

Ciro is also a staunch supporter of measures such as the taxation of dividends and the taxation of large fortunes. In the latter case, he rejects the thesis that there could be an evasion of investors, for example. And defends a rate of 0.5% to 1.5% per year on assets above R$ 20 million.

He also preaches a policy of accelerated appreciation of the minimum wage, as a way of activating the economy.

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