What did Battaglia look for with the changes?

Sebastian Battaglia moved the entire substitute bench in search of a new victory. He did it to change the offense in each of his pieces, but the zero again at home (as against Racing, two days ago) could not be broken. What did the DT try? Mutated from 4-3-1-2 with Molinas to a well-marked 4-3-3 with Pavón and Briasco as wings and with Luis Vázquez, the spiciest of all the above and with the closest goal chance, as the reference for each air shipment. But in the second part from the bank came the modifications. Many. Although they didn’t work out this time.

The Cordovan Pavón (from highest to lowest in this semester) he had almost no offensive participation. And not even from the mid-distance shot, one of his virtues, did he create risk in the rival goal. Neither did Zeballos enter, ten from the end, despite the fact that he sent a ball to the area that Orsini (increasingly better in the week’s work) scored for a goal that Unsain avoided.

“It was an even game, although I think we had clear scoring chances and we controlled it. A shot in the stick, the last one of mine … The tie has a bitter taste because we needed to win, but we are convinced of what we do. I didn’t get off to a good start, I went through difficult days with the injury, I want to be there, help but these are things that can happen to a player. I’m fine now, adding pace and I want to contribute from my place, ”said the former Lanús, who arrived at the club in the last transfer market and a bruise on his knee took him away from training for a month.

Able to play as an area reference but also with another point at his side, as he did in Lanús with José Sand, now Orsini knows that he will have to win a place by dint of goals. Something that Vázquez already did in other games. “I need the goal, I like to convert because it’s my job. But perhaps I am a more versatile player, I move around the entire attack front because I need to be in contact with the ball and not so static in the area ”, closed the striker who has a chance to start next weekend, against Atlético Tucumán, in the prelude to the game against Patronato for the Argentine Cup. With Vázquez by the side? It is something that they have been rehearsing.

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