Bray Wyatt was WWE Champion in 2017. The fans celebrated his achievement of the title a lot but he only had it with him for 49 days. His relationship with the belts as a Superstar has always been viewed as wasted. Although in the same way The demoniac proved that he did not need them to shiner. On the other hand, he was twice Universal Champion in 2020, having a first reign of 119 days and a second of 7 days.

In the same way, he shared a string on 27 occasions with Big E, the new WWE Champion. They never had a true rivalry against each other but they did tell their story when the former led The Wyatt Family against The New Day. We put them both back together now because Windham (Rotunda, real name of Bray Wyatt) dedicated this message to the recent coronation of the “Alpha Unicorn”:

“I’m late, and I wasn’t there, but Big E is the type of guy with whom others line up to congratulate him“.

Wyatt received a reply from E, that appreciated his words:

Unbelievably sweet of you. Thanks for your kindness“.

It could have been really interesting for the two to meet for the WWE Championship but Bray Wyatt had his contract with the McMahon company terminated several weeks ago and must look elsewhere for his wrestling future. In this sense, a recent report pointed out that everything indicates that he will sign with AEW when his 90-day no-contest clause with WWE itself ends.

Big E, new WWE Champion
Big E, new WWE Champion

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