What does Michel Houellebecq want to stop now?

Perhaps “Serotonin” was his last book in 2019 with a creep in the lead role, in which completely unfair readers believe they recognize traits of the author: sexist, racist, nationalist, anti-liberal, anti-gay …

In the new novel “Destroy”, published quite suddenly, Michel Houellebecq only needs evil in the background.

“Destroy” is set during the French presidential election in 2027 and comes in time for the French presidential election in April this year.

Houellebecq – he is 63 or 65, he is hiding it – but has little to contribute.

The middle class is disappearing, there are only rich and poor, rural communities are dying, the gap between rulers and people is widening … no bold predictions this time.

To some extent, “annihilation” wants to offer something philosophical. That sounds like a lot, but Michel Houellebecq is also preoccupied with such thoughts:

How can a wife, in the face of her husband, who has grown old, shed his hair, he also has a stomach … how can she still say “SPARROW” to the guy?

The benefits of lying on your side during sex are also given a lot of thought.

On the other hand, the book presents itself as a thriller. Whereby above all chaos in the world is presented:

A cartoon is circulating on the Internet in which a politician is beheaded. In China, container ships are being blown up. An attack is carried out on the sperm dealer. A refugee boat is torpedoed, survivors are shot …

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