What happens to Diogo in the clone

In O Clone (2001), a soap opera on display at Vale a Pena Ver De Novo, Diogo and Lucas are twin brothers – both are played by Murilo Benício. Throughout the plot, Diogo has an accident and dies. Shaken by the loss, scientist Albieri (Juca de Oliveira) decides to clone the boy. Remember what happens to Diogo in the clone

What happens to Diogo in O Clone, in Vale a Pena Ver de Novo

It all starts when Diogo gets involved with Yvete (Vera Fischer) without knowing that she is the girlfriend of his father, Leônidas (Reginaldo Faria). The woman tries to turn the father against the child and succeeds.

The twin is very shaken when his father says he prefers his beloved over his own son. Diogo decides to take a helicopter ride and ignores all the recommendations, since a storm was about to arrive.

Time causes the helicopter to crash, lose control and fall to the ground. Diogo dies and leaves his family very shaken.

The accident kicks off the story written by Glória Perez. Albieri, uncle and godfather of the twins, decides to clone Lucas as a way to bring Diogo back to life. He takes cells from Lucas and uses them to artificially inseminate Goddess (Adriana Lessa). The woman gives birth to Diogo’s clone, who is named Léo.

Diogo (Murilo Benício) suffers a helicopter accident and dies – Photo: Reproduction/Globo

What happens to Diogo in the clone
Lucas and Léo meet for the first time – Photo: Reproduction

End of Leo and Lucas

Despite all the difficulties, Lucas will have a happy ending alongside Jade (Giovanna Antonelli). In the last chapter of the novel, the protagonist goes to the ruins where she met Lucas when they were young. The boy goes to the same place, the two are together at the end.

Léo, on the other hand, will have a very different fate. The clone came to fall in love with Jade and even asked her to marry him, but the relationship failed. In the final episode, Edna (Nivea Maria) talks about Léo’s story and that he is the result of an experiment commanded by Albieri. The scientist flees with Leo to Morocco and the two disappear into the desert.

What happens to Diogo in the clone
Albieri (Juca de Oliveira) and Léo (Murilo Benício) disappear into the desert at the end of O Clone – Photo: Reproduction

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