Numerous leaks on the track wall look frightening. But train traffic continues. Rodina tried to figure out what was going on.

Dynamo station is a cultural heritage site and is protected by the state. The area adjacent to the station has seriously changed in recent years. The Dynamo stadium was rebuilt, it became at the same time a football and ice arena, as well as a shopping center with an underground parking. There is also a new metro station on the Big Circle Line “Petrovsky Park”.

And the problems at Dynamo began after the opening of the underground passage to the new station – its construction will be completed later. Numerous leaks have appeared over the archway, water is dripping directly onto the platform, the wall under the new staircase to the Petrovsky Park station looks frightening. There is mold and so-called efflorescence on it. Several bas-reliefs are seriously damaged.

Track wall with numerous leaks.  / Artem Lokalov

Dynamo is one of the oldest metro stations in the capital, built before the Great Patriotic War, in 1938. Architects – Yakov Lichtenberg and Yuri Revkovsky, sculptor – Elena Yanson-Manizer. When she worked on the bas-reliefs for Dynamo, famous Soviet athletes posed for her. In particular, Grigory Fedotov became a model for a football player.

The Dynamo stadium was built ten years earlier than the station – and many people got here by metro. This tradition is reflected in the music as well – Georgy Abramov sang how the whole Moscow “stubbornly drives to Dynamo”.

In recent years, ground lobbies have been restored, the architect of which is another famous Soviet architect Dmitry Chechulin. True, one of them has not yet been opened.

And looking at what the station itself looks like now, the question arises whether it will have to be closed for repairs.

Passengers on the site asked if it is safe to be at Dynamo now. The site has comments from the head of the Moscow Metro, Viktor Kozlovsky. In a message dated December 18, he notes that it is possible to bring the vault and wall of the station into proper condition only “after the completion of the thawing process.” The station is to be surveyed by June 15, 2022. At the same time, the head of the metro emphasizes that “the places of leaks are under constant control, there is no threat to the safety of the movement of passengers.”

Problems at Dynamo began after the construction of a transition to the new station, Petrovsky Park.  / Artem Lokalov

Social networks write about quicksand, which made itself felt after the construction of the crossing to Petrovsky Park. Because of this, there are numerous leaks.

Also, people on social networks are wondering if the Dynamo stadium has any problems. According to the Rodina correspondent, some time ago, experts noticed the sinking of the Western Stand, but the problem was eliminated in time without negative consequences.

It is still unknown when it will be possible to eliminate all problems at the Dynamo metro station.

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