What if Lula's vice is another?  - 01/13/2022 - Bruno Boghossian

The PT’s original equation for choosing Lula’s deputy had two main elements. The first was symbolic, a signal from the PT to expand its electoral base and win votes beyond the left. The second was objective: the vacancy would be used to attract a major party to the former president’s alliance.

Geraldo Alckmin fulfilled the first criterion, but the party issue was left behind. In the scenarios outlined so far, the former toucan does not add significant gains to Lula’s formal alliance. That’s because Alckmin is looking for a party that will serve as a surrogate to nominate him for the post of vice.

Negotiations with the PSB advanced, but the acronym’s support for Lula depends more on the distribution of state platforms than on the affiliation of the former governor. PV and Solidarity, on the other hand, are small acronyms, which would not give additional strength to the PT ticket.

The account would only be complete if Alckmin was in a large center party. The PT’s dream is Gilberto Kassab’s PSD, but the legend insists on Rodrigo Pacheco’s candidacy for the Planalto. Lula’s allies do not believe that the acronym will change its mind until April – the limit for a possible affiliation of the former toucan.

PT and other characters in this arena say that the calendar can become an obstacle. If the PT closes with Alckmin in the coming months, it could lose a negotiation currency with other parties or even review this decision to shelter new allies at the time of registration of the ticket with the TSE, in August.

Members of the PT leadership do not find it impossible to reopen this discussion at 45 minutes in the second half if the PSD abandons its own candidacy to support Lula. So far, however, this does not seem to be in Kassab’s plans, who believes he has a better chance of expanding the party’s bench if he adopts a more “neutral” path in the first round.

If Lula wins, Kassab could command a key party from the base of the new government. Or you can have a smaller bench, but sit in the vice president’s chair.

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