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In recent months, politics has not been discussed in the noble sense of the word, but gossip, which can hardly be called politics. The major themes, in the sense of projecting solutions or questions about them, have not been part of the media, or social networks, or the debate in Parliament. Furthermore, this is toxic for people’s mental and social health, already subject daily to descriptions of war and the difficulties of everyday life with inflation and announcements of the possibility of recession. It is the insecurity and danger that one breathes in society.

Except for one or two cases, which must be discussed in the context of political orientation, everything else is detective activity, to serve interests of low political combat. The scheme is well known and has even given rise to academic studies. On the part of the structures of the Public Prosecutor’s Office there are “leaks” of news or matters that should already be in order. They are published in two types of newspapers with very different audiences, or even in a small regional newspaper. From there they leave for social networks, where they are fed with data and comments that they do not have to respond to anyone in terms of responsibility. And a case is made. Political agencies will work it. Serious newspapers and television have no choice but to put them on the agenda as well. This detective activity is much more profitable than following the member of a couple at the behest of the other.

They think?

Meanwhile, the right-wing opposition does not say what their projects and solutions for the current situation are. What do you think in terms of the industrialization of the country? It is not enough to say that it is necessary to inject money into the “economy”. Which economy? What do you analyze in terms of inflation, public debt, the risk of recession? What do you think of the evolution of the European war, Portuguese aid, the role of Europe?

What is the plan you have in relation to wages, reforms? What concrete ideas do they have regarding poverty, which extends to more than a quarter of the population? What is the position they take and the solutions for teachers’ placements, bonds and careers? What plan do you advocate to save the National Health Service? What do you think of the number of hospital beds? And specifically, what do you propose to fix professionals in this sector in the public service?

What analysis do you make, in detail, of the various sectors of application of the PRR? What proposal do you have to reduce the use of fossil fuels? What do you propose for Public Administration?

I’m talking about concrete proposals, with numbers, with an assessment of what exists and solutions for the future. I’m not talking about protests, loose criticism, slogans, even if spoken vehemently. It would be a good, serious discussion on these matters. And as the Prime Minister said about the cases, the Government has been putting itself in order. In Education, in Health, in wages, in the functioning of the Public Administration, concrete and solid solutions are not in sight or in progress, despite the stereotyped discourses finally there is a proposal on housing.

And the right-wing opposition does not think, it speaks without knowing. However, it has much more of a stage than the left-wing opposition. This climate is very conducive to dangerous situations. It is undeniable that neoliberalism has given rise to growing inequalities. And the ostentatious luxury of the very rich gives birth to mimetic fantasies in the simpler minds of the poor and poorly remedied, who would like to be like that and not only through hairdressing magazines and the stories of the jet set.

Far-right organizations show them solutions and saviors. They make them see that capitalism, free of “cases”, will be good and will reach everyone. Let us remember the role of Judge Sérgio Moro and his network in Brazil in launching Bolsonarism. And let’s not forget the attempted coup d’état, with the military, which took place a few months ago in Germany and which no one spoke of again, except for the online newspaper. seventy-four, in a good article. And the rise of the extreme right in every country in Europe.

There are all the ingredients – psychological and social malaise, politics based on “cases”, impoverishment, difficulties in accessing public administration, unfiltered social networks, war and its armaments, few real solutions in sight. The protests presented are blatant, clowning, as they have always been in this quadrant. And they come to meet thethey are even right”, heard by those walking down the street with their eyes and ears open.

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