Although the revelation of Evaluna’s pregnancy came as a surprise to most fans, what caught the attention of several was the name Indigo, which, without knowing if it is a boy or a girl, the artists chose for their baby.

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Indigo meaning and characteristics of children who are told like this

Agree with the RAEIndigo refers to the color indigo, a hue that is extracted from the leaves of a plant with the same name. However, that term it is also used to describe children who consider themselves ‘special’.

Indigo Children says the psychology portal Siquia, is a term that began to be used in the ‘New Age’ to identify minors who are believed to have a superior human evolution. They easily stand out from the rest of those who are their age, but have definite characteristics such as:

  • Greater ability to imagine
  • Supreme sensitivity
  • Not easy to concentrate
  • They have a lot of energy
  • Everything around them arouses curiosity
  • They resist believing in everything they are told
  • You need to give your opinion

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Camilo Echeverry assured and W Radio that he fell in love with the word indigo when he learned its meaning and it is also one of his favorite colors, like Evaluna Montaner’s; That is why their son, who they do not yet know the sex of, will be called that.

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“When we were in India we fell in love with Indigo as a material, with the plant it comes from, with the paintings that come from it, the color is like the baby we are imagining and we love the idea of ​​that name”, the Colombian artist concluded.

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