What is it and how to identify a high demand child?

Leon, Guanajuato. “My son has a lot of energy”, “I think my baby is in high demand” are some of the most common phrases shared by parents.

Liliana Amarto, sleep expert and founder of Zzleep My Baby, list the points to be able to identify a child in high demand.

  • It is a minor who sleeps less than normal.
  • Adopt habits very fast.
  • It requires more attention during the day and at night.
  • They eat with anxiety and despair.
  • They cry during the day for periods of two to three hours, for no apparent reason.
  • They are sensitive to noise.
  • They are attached to the mother.

According to the specialist, these factors generate in new parents, customs that unintentionally become bad habits that affect family stability at night’s rest.

What is a high demand child?

Liliana Amaro mentions that many families believe they have a child in high demand when in reality it is the lack of routine and good habits that creates confusion for parents.

Children who do not go to bed at the right time go into periods of hyperactivity and crying for no reason.

Children without routines have many awakenings, parents continue to feed at night and respond to the slightest sound or call; they do not take naps and need to be cared for by parents during the day; if they are fed at any time, it is difficult to know whether or not they are satisfied.

In order to know if the little one is in high demand, we must have a strict routine and be aware that all the little one’s needs are covered 100%, especially knowing that he sleeps and eats what is necessary. If despite this the baby presents crying episodes, instability is then when we can resort to specific strategies to change these behaviors ”, commented the expert.

It is important to mention that high demand children are “super gifted” with high IQ.

Understanding the little one is the most important thing and having parents who sleep and rest well is part of the guide and help for their growth.

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