* # 06 #: dialing this sequence on the cell phone you get the IMEI number.

The IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, In english is a 15-digit code pre-recorded by the manufacturer to identify each cell phone Worldwide. It is composed of a brand and model identification code granted to manufacturers by the GSMA (Global System Mobile Association).

Its reason for being appears when the owner loses his phone or someone steals it. This numerical combination allows you to locate and lock the terminal remotely. To know the IMEI number just dial * # 06 # on the phone.

The teams denounced and the irregular ones are blocked to face thea problem of theft and related crimes. Also, to disable your traffic on national and international networks.

The lock is applied to the last associated mobile device to the denounced cell line, once it was reported to * 910 or through the provider company.

Thus, when the IMEI is not valid, that is, it has not been internationally approved by the GSMA or is detected as a duplicate, immediately, the line is out of service.

* # 06 #: dialing this sequence on the cell phone you get the IMEI number.

The IMEI is made up of four sections: the first six digits -Type Allocation Code (TAC) – indicate the country in which it was created, the next two -Final Assembly Code (FAC) – let you know who the manufacturer is, followed by the serial number (SNR) and finally a check digit.

The IMEI can also be found in the back of mobile device case. In this case, it is important to differentiate between the number and the IMEI.

In devices that have a removable battery, the IMEI is also engraved inside the mobile. The most common is that this code is under the battery.

Invisible call

Smartphones, out of the box, come with a specific function to hide the numberregardless of whether you have an iOS or Android operating system. Instead, a phrase such as “Hidden call”, “Hidden number” or “Unknown” will appear on the screen in most cases.

* 31 #, the code to block a caller ID.

* 31 #, the code to block a caller ID.

The phones have a specific code that is used to hide the number when making calls to smartphones and landlines. Simply put the code # 31 # in front of the phone number and call.

This functionality is similar on both iOS and Android devices. However, if the user decides to make all the calls while keeping his number secret, further modifications must be made.

It should be noted that this command does not apply to calls we make from messaging applications, such as WhatsApp or Telegram.

Private number

The function to automatically block the phone number on Android is located in the “Settings or Settings” section. When activated, the message “private number” will appear on the recipient’s cell phone for each call you make.

phone codes

phone codes

Before making the call from an Android cell phone, you must enter “Settings or Settings” of the phone, which is identified by three points, and look for “Call settings”.

Once there you have to enter “Complementary services”, one of the last options on the menu. Accessing here will display the Show Caller ID function. “Clicking on displays various options. You will have to select hide number.


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