What is the Ibai Llanos Baloon World Cup?


This October 14 the first planetary tournament of the latest madness of the renowned Spanish streamer will be held with millionaire prizes, thousands of guaranteed followers and the complicity of a world football star.


What is the Ibai Llanos Baloon World Cup?

He’s King Midas of Twitch and all is set for another of his follies. The imminent development of the Baloon World Cup this October 14 will be the realization of another unprecedented event organized by Ibai Llanos, the Spanish streamer who has made news this year for various initiatives and who will hold a World Balloons as a new entertainment.

After surpassing his own marks on the streaming platform with the transmission of an evening of boxing, making a continuous transmission of more than 72 hours, transmitting the Copa América for Spain, adding thousands of followers with Tortillaland from Minecraft, being in the presentation Lionel Messi at PSG, announcing the formation of his own Esports team and a series of other milestones, will now add a tournament with 32 participants representing different countries and which is projected as another great success for the native of Bilbao.

Gerard Piqué is the partner that Ibai has found in recent months and who has financed part of his most recent ideas with the purchase of television rights to the aforementioned events and as a shareholder of the new video game squad that will make up plains, however the construction of the Baloon World Cup has grown to incredible levels.

During the last live of the streamer and in the company of the defender of Barcelona and the Spanish team, the announcement of the first round crosses (which will have Chile facing Senegal) was accompanied by the presentation of sponsors such as Kelme, Volkswagen and Oreo, in addition to the prize pool for the participants, which will add more than 18 million pesos for the competitors and a total of 9 million Chilean pesos for the winner.

Understanding the commercial opportunity behind the initiative, Piqué and Llanos have already launched an Amazon store with merchandising from the tournament and different products that the same influencers showed in the transmission. An event to take place this Thursday, October 14 at 1:00 p.m. in Chile and for which there are tourist packages, in addition to the possibility of following it on Twitch.

How was the BWC born?

It was a viral shared on TikTok and in which a couple of friends do the impossible not to drop a balloon the trigger for the idea. The impressive effort made in the video is what Ibai Llanos intends to replicate with the championship, which on this side of the world will have a Chilean, Bolivian, Peruvian, Argentine, Brazilian, Colombian and Venezuelan presence.

The tournament system will be with direct elimination to the best of three points and the rules are simple. The point will be won by the last to touch the balloon before it touches the ground, alternating the impact to it between the rivals.

The main rule will be that the impact to the balloon must always be upwards and thus, the different participants will seek their chance to be the first to lift the particular trophy and not only tell that they are the world champions of the discipline, but also remain in the blog of the eccentric streamer who continues to make world news for his occurrences.

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