What little gems!  Some detainees from a Police station in Bogotá began to fight with the knife
Image captured from video

A video records the moment in which two detainees inside a Police station in Bogota they fight to the death.

Video: Courtesy

In the recording it is observed how the inmates use bandages to cover their hands, take any sharp object that they find and begin to fight, it seems that they do not do it as a result of some discussion, rather, because of the body language, it seems that they are It is a bet where they have their own rules.

Something that also draws the attention of the recording is that not only those who record have their cell phone, but several are observed with mobile phones in their hands.

Given what happened, Major Leonardo Ramos, Rafael Uribe Uribe Police Station Commander, told Blu Radio, «At the Rafael Uribe Uribe Police Station, we have carried out registration and control interventions on the people who are in these cells in order to prevent risk situations from arising. In this way, cell phones and sharp weapons and hallucinogenic substances were seized ».

The Bogotá Ombudsman and the Metropolitan Police arrived at the station and surprised the inmates with cell phones, knives and other elements.

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