What offers IUDÚ, the new fintech that seeks to lead digital banking

From the IUDÚ App, available in the Apple Store and Google Play for the IOS and Android operating systems, anyone over 18 can open your digital account in a few minutes, 100% online and without any cost. The App has the latest in facial recognition and security technology, so the registration process is very user-friendly and takes a few minutes: It only requires a selfie and the DNI.

Thus, IUDÚ seeks to lead the segment with the most complete and comprehensive proposal of digital banking, to continue evolving in the customer experience.

What products does IUDÚ offer

One of the outstanding products of IUDÚ is the savings bank in pesos with remuneration of balances, which enables receive a higher profitability for the account balance given that it has a monthly interest that the client will charge (a 15.5% annual rate is paid) and will have total availability for you to use it whenever you want.

Also, like all Savings bank, you can deposit, make purchases, transfers, pay IUDÚ credit card statements, the loan fee and much more, which makes it the best option to manage your money.

“With IUDÚ we seek to provide our clients with the best of both models: traditional and digital. We have free savings banks such as digital banks complemented with credit and investment products, as complete as those of a bank and all based on a 100% digital experience. We want anyone, of legal age, to be able to access the best and most complete Digital Banking proposal “, he remarked Martín Monteverdi, CEO of IUDÚ.

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In addition to the virtual card Debit visa, also offers a card MasterCard Contactless credit for customers to manage their daily consumption, access to fees or benefits and discounts in the most recurring items such as gastronomy, supermarket, hairdresser, among others, and personal and pledge loans. Also, the IUDÚ App has the integration of MODO so that customers can pay with a QR Code.

And as IUDÚ continually evolves, soon the focus will also be oriented to investment products, it will be launching shortly savings bank in dollars and fixed term. Also through an agreement with IOL, several investment instruments such as MEP dollars, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, among others.

For IUDÚ the experience is central That is why it offers a superior and agile proposal for those clients accustomed to operating with traditional entities, through innovation and technology. Therefore, the focus is on:

  • Improve experience and accessibility: Everything can be done from the IUDÚ App
  • Greater immediacy: in product registration, self-management and customer service
  • More transparency and clarity: no surprises or unforeseen expenses. Easy access to information
  • Better savings and control: of time and costs in banking products
  • Higher revenue performance: paying less in traditional banking products

In case the user requires personalized attention, they can request it quickly from the same app through the chat or through the IUDÚ social networks: Facebook @ iudu.ar and Instagram @iudu_ar

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