In Novosibirsk, more and more girls want to learn how to repair cars and operate heavy equipment.

One of them is Alexandra Ivaneeva, thin, with long hair, fashionable manicure and smooth movements. She went to college for the first time after the ninth grade. Did not work out. The girl finished the tenth grade in high school and again came to a secondary vocational institution. Where does persistence come from?

– My boyfriend and friends told me how great and interesting it is here. I am not afraid of hard and dirty work. I wanted to try to do it here, and it happened, – says Alexandra.

She is the only one among 25 guys who entered the specialty “driver of road and construction machines.” As a result of her studies, Alexandra will receive the rights to operate excavators, and will begin to get acquainted directly with heavy equipment from the second year.

“Modern equipment is mainly controlled by a joystick, and it’s not difficult,” says Valentin Neumyvakin, head of the road construction department of the Novosibirsk College of Car Service and Road Facilities (NKAIDH). – Efforts will be required when the issue of maintenance and minor repairs arises. The specialist machine operator must do this himself. The wheels of such equipment are 120-150 kilograms each. When girls come, I discourage them from coming to us, but they are not in any.

The teacher is worried about the future of college graduates. How will their working life develop in the future, where will they go to work, are enterprises ready to hire a girl – a truck driver?

Director of NKAIDKH Ivan Syrmolotov, commenting on the results of the current admission campaign, noted: “This year, we were actively attended by girls who wanted to study as a car repair and maintenance technician. And even a truck driver. The difficulties of their future profession do not scare them.”

After completing her studies, Alexandra will become a driver of road and construction machines. Photo: Natalia Reshetnikova / RG

The competition for training in the specialty “master of car repair and maintenance” was large – eleven people per seat. Higher than in previous years. As a result of the campaign, 125 people entered the college for budget places, 12 of them were girls.

“When I entered, there were two girls on the stream, and now there are many,” says Anna Kravchenko, a fourth-year student of the NKAIDH. – I’ve always been drawn to cars. Dad instilled a love for technology.

This year Anna represented the Novosibirsk region at the WorldSkills Russia championship, which was held in Ufa. She was ranked among the top eight in the country in the “Car painting” competence. This is a laborious task, it takes four hours to paint only one door, and all this time a person breathes paint. Not every man can stand it, and you also need to understand color nuances.

In her native college, Anna Kravchenko was one of the first to master this competence, which was introduced into the educational process only in February last year. Male teachers say with admiration that girls do a lot better. They are more painstaking, meticulous, and learn faster.

– If necessary, I can open the hood, and work with a wrench, and repair the car, and paint it, – says Anna.

Anna is thinking of opening a car repair shop and, possibly, enrolling in a university. But the college does not want to let go of one of the best students – the management suggests taking up teaching activities.

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In total, about 27 thousand applications have been submitted to colleges and technical schools in the region this year. The popularity of blue-collar occupations is growing, and Novosibirsk residents are consistently among the best at the WorldSkills Russia national championship. This year the regional team returned from the championship from Ufa with 41 awards.

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