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These multiple benefits allow families who do not own a home to rent or build one.


Learn about the housing subsidies available (Photo: Agencia Uno)

The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked great havoc on the Chilean population, this due to confinement and the curfew. Given this situation, the Government has had to promote a series of bonuses and benefits to try to help the greatest number of people.

Some of these benefits already existed, but with the pandemic they became essential. One of them is the housing subsidy. Currently the Ministry of housing and urbanism He has several open applications such as renting, buying and building a house.

Which are the requirements?

To apply for these state contributions you must meet the following conditions:

– To be older than 18 years-old

– To have valid identity card

– Be registered in the Household Social Registry

Accredit a family group (cannot apply alone)

– Have an account savings with at least 10 UF.

Which ones are available?

Lease Subsidy 2021: This application is available until October 15. To know all the details enter HERE.

Small towns program: It is available until October 14. Sign in HERE for more details.

Collective DS49 to closed housing cooperatives in the Valparaíso and Metropolitan regions: The deadline to apply is until November 30 and for those who want more details they must enter HERE.

DS49 for construction in the province of Arauco, Biobío Region: You can apply until November 30. To have more information, go to the following LINK.

DS49 for the Metropolitan Region: The application is until November 30 and to know all details enter HERE.

DS49 for Construction in the Coquimbo, Valparaíso and Biobío regions: You can apply until November 30. To know which are the territories enter HERE.

DS49 for on-site construction: The application is until November 30. Check all the information by entering the following LINK.

Community Equipment Improvement: The application is open until November 20. For more details enter HERE.

DS49 for the construction by people of the Precarious Settlements Program: You can apply HERE Until November 25th.

Collective application for extreme regions: You can apply until November 30 in the following LINK.

Collective application for construction on new land: The application date is until November 30, and you can review HERE more information.

DS49 for central zone regions: You can apply until November 30. To know more details enter HERE.

DS49 for the Precarious Settlements Program of the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism: The application date until November 25. You can check in the following LINK all the details of the reward.

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