Tatyana Lazareva said that she was bored in Spain.

Tatyana Lazareva said that she was bored in Spain.


Tatiana Lazareva has lived in Spain for the past few years. After a divorce from Mikhail Shats, the TV presenter left Moscow with her youngest daughter Antonina. Lazareva admitted that the Mediterranean climate has a beneficial effect on her. But a few months ago, the star returned to Russia.

Tatyana Lazareva said that she was bored in Spain, because daughter Antonina went to study in the UK… The older children, Stepan and Sofia, have also been living their own lives for a long time. And ex-husband Mikhail Shats moved to St. Petersburg.

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At first a lonely TV personality tried to while away days and nights in a foreign land… However, then she became unbearable. Tatyana recalled that Moscow is a city of breakneck speeds and temptations, so she must be in motion all the time, otherwise she is covered with a blues.

The celebrity says that now is the time when you need and can take care of yourself. Lazareva began to develop her channel on the Internet and opened accounts on popular social networks. The woman does interviews touching upon important personal topics.

A while ago she published a photo in which she showed herself in close-up… The TV presenter appeared without makeup.

Earlier, the celebrity reported that she monitors her health and encourages the public to eat right, as well as play sports, eliminating all bad habits from life. After all Tatiana learned several years ago that she was terminally ill… The star suffers from ulcerative colitis, periodically experiencing exacerbations and remission. She periodically undergoes therapy and does not lose heart. Due to the development of intestinal problems, the comedian even lost 10 kilograms.

“With age, challenges become more and more, trials become more and more. You need to remember that you are the first for yourself. That no one will bother about you, except yourself. The main thing is not to turn into a rag,” the actress shared her innermost.

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