The participants of the event.


Tournament that brings together the best exponents of the modality will have its appointment in our country. Find out the details here.


© @CombatefreestyleThe participants of the event.

The freestyle genre continues to gain followers in Chile and there are more and more fans vibrating with rhyming battles at the mic, with challenges from the best national exponents throughout the world.

And if the God Level is currently being disputed in Mexico, with representatives such as the ‘Trilogy’ (composed by Nitro, Kaiser and Theorem), in addition to KMC, in our country there will also be action this week with exciting duels.

It is about the Freestyle Combat, a Latin American tournament of this genre, which has eight dates to be developed between Argentina, Mexico, Peru and our country. In relation to the national event, it will have exponents such as Riddles, Anubis, El Menor, Esezeta, Jokker, Metalingüística and Stigma.

As for the host and DJ, the managers will be MC Rama y Azer Beats , while the jury of the cockfighting day will be composed of Blazzt, Cristo Febril and Lenwa Dura. Regarding the tournament, this will have eight dates, played in double rounds. The winner of each stage will qualify for a grand Latin American final in which the eight winners from the four countries will meet to compete for the title of the best freestyler in the region.

Date and time: When to see the date 5 of Freestyle Combat?

The event will be held this Friday, October 15 at 8:30 p.m. in Chile.

Television: Who broadcasts live on TV Combate Freestyle?

You will be able to follow the action of cock fights through the canal Space.

Where to see ONLINE and LIVE day 1 of the Freestyle Combat?

You can follow the event through Combate Freestyle Youtube channel.

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